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The Rise of Vegan Cheese in
Plant-Based Culinary Applications

For many, the idea of giving up cheese was once a daunting prospect. The creamy, savoury, and often irresistible allure of traditional cheese made it a staple in countless culinary creations. However, the rise of vegan cheese has transformed this narrative, giving consumers the freedom to enjoy their favourite cheesy dishes with a plant-based “cheese” option.

And thanks to the innovation and creativity of some food manufacturers, such as PlantNation, vegan cheese has come a long way in recent years. In fact, some of the new products on the market are so good that they can rival their dairy counterparts in taste, texture, and performance.

Vegan “cheese” products are made with plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil or palm oil, and PlantNation is no exception to this; available in both RSPO-accredited palm oil or coconut oil.

Significant growth..

The UK sales value of plant-based “cheese” has increased by over 160% over the last two years! And one of the brands that is leading the way in the sector is PlantNation, a UK-based brand that uses its vast experience in the dairy industry to create vegan ingredients that deliver exceptional levels of taste and visual appeal, but also perform in ways that make them as practical and versatile as their dairy comparisons.

PlantNation in fact, has earned rave reviews and a prime spot in the world of plant-based culinary applications and offers grated and shaved cheese alternatives, that are deliciously good for everything from pizza to pasta, from bakes to burgers.

This revolution in vegan cheese has opened up endless possibilities for chefs, making it a highly sought-after ingredient in plant-based food-service culinary applications.

Vegan Accreditation…

And the Full Vegan Approval, from V-Label, an international trademark for the labelling of vegetarian and vegan products, creates transparency and clarity, providing a guarantee that PlantNation is 100% vegan.

Testaments to the excellence of PlantNation vegan “cheese”…

But what do customers have to say about PlantNation? Their testimonials are a testament to the excellence of this vegan cheese…

Mark, Street Food Pizza business raves that “It’s got great flavour and texture and melts nicely”

“Compared to other brands, PlantNation’s got great flavour and texture and melts nicely. The key for me is the way it handles. It doesn’t go all over the place and less is certainly used than a more typical grated Mozzarella. Ultimately it’s our customers that make the decision and in taste tests this wins out over all brands, with one customer saying the pizzas made her night and were the best ever.”

Ben, Food Development Manager says PlantNation is “A great addition to our Pizza Menu.”

“Having tested many vegan pizza cheeses, we found PlantNation to perform the best. The melt is far superior and the flavour is natural and much closer to mozzarella, making a great addition to our pizza menu.”

Kyle , pizza maker and reviewer reckons its “100% the closest thing to ‘real’ grated mozzarella”

“As far as melting goes, this is up with the best I’ve seen of a vegan cheese. This stayed nice and solid, and had a real good texture to it. As far as taste, this was fantastic…100% the closest thing I’ve had to “real” grated mozzarella.”

Savour the flavour…

Unlike a lot vegan products on the market, PlantNation has not had artificial tasting cheesy “flavourings” added and consumers seem to prefer this.

And the versatility of PlantNation vegan extends beyond the confines of familiar dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches and pizzas. Chefs around the UK are now incorporating it into various culinary applications, from creamy vegan mac and cheese to Mexican-style Quesadillas. Its flavour and functionality allows for creative and decadent plant-based dishes on menus that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Growing awareness and concern for the environment…

The growing awareness and concern for the environment: with issues such as the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, may motivate more people to adopt a vegan lifestyle or support vegan causes. Veganism can offer a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use and waste generation.

Additionally, the environmental benefits of choosing plant-based cheese are substantial so by opting for a product like PlantNation, consumers not only savour the delectable taste but also contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s a win-win situation for your taste buds and the planet.

Veganism in the UK is a dynamic and evolving movement that has a lot of potential for growth and impact. As more people become aware of the benefits of veganism for themselves, animals and the planet, they may choose to embrace a vegan lifestyle or support vegan causes.


In conclusion, Veganism in the UK is not just a trend, but a movement that is here to stay.

And it is a movement that is driven by compassion, justice and sustainability. So the era of plant-based “cheese” is indeed here, and it’s better than ever, with

PlantNation playing it’s role in making plant-based culinary applications in the foodservice sector more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

As satisfied customers attest, the taste, texture, and versatility of these products rival their dairy counterparts. The age-old love for cheese can now be rekindled with vegan options that not only satisfy the palate but also align with ethical and sustainable values.

So vegans, and those looking to eat more plant-based options; go ahead, resume your normal “cheese” eating with confidence, knowing that the future of vegan “cheese” is indeed PlantNation!

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