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Harnessing the vegan revolution. We’re on it at UCFF ’21, Sept 14th

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Remember when a vegan lifestyle was thought of as ‘niche’? How times have changed!

There’s no question that the biggest shift in our dietary choices since the turn of the Millennium is the revolution in plant-based eating.

For some it’s a matter of adopting a healthier approach to diet. For others it’s all about animal welfare and the environment. But for the rapidly growing worldwide vegan population, advances in sheer appetite appeal are proving a powerful attraction too.

It’s all-change on the world’s menus

What was once considered a lifestyle decision for a tiny minority is now established as a mainstream choice. And that remarkable change has come about, in no small part, thanks to a revolution in the food industry, as more and more foodservice and food manufacturing businesses develop ingredients and dishes capable of creating universal interest.

Gone are the days of limited choice in restaurants. Forget when you had to search through supermarket shelves and chillers. Today we’re faced with an embarrassment of ‘vegan’ riches as innovation, advances in technology, and a commitment to embrace this booming consumer market have led the food industry to develop ingredient after ingredient, dish after dish, resulting in plant-based arrivals now accounting for the largest launch of new products of any food sector.

And that’s where we come into the picture…

PlantNation is attracting huge interest and attention…across the board…by producing a new plant-based cheese that can finally deliver the flavour and the performance that makes countless new dishes a delicious possibility.

PlantNation looks like cheese, it melts like cheese, and it tastes like cheese, but is vegan-friendly thanks to our innovative HPC Technology™.

All of which makes it a vital ingredient for every chef who wants to produce plant-based dishes that deliver a mouth-wateringly good vegan eating experience.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try out PlantNation for yourself on Stand 11 at UCFF ’21, where you can sample some delicious, vegan friendly products, freshly cooked by chef Umberto.

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